The payment portal web address is:

Sample Bill

​Step 1.

Your bank routing number. This will be located on a check issued to you by your bank.

​Step 2.

Your bank account number. This will also be located on a check issued to you by your bank.

You will need the following information to sign up:

​Step 3.

Your Red Sulphur PSD account number. This

will be located on your bill. 
(See red box on sample)

​Step 4.

Your Red Sulphur PSD service address. This will also be located on your bill. 
(See green box on sample) 
Spelling and punctuation must be exact! 

Red Sulphur Public Service District

Routing Number       Account Number

​Step 5.

Once you have all of these ready, please click the button below to be directed to the payment webpage.